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What Worms Will ‘Doo’ For You!

Worms provide 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the potash and 1.5 times the calcium found in good topsoil. They will also provide plants with the ability to ward off disease and in some cases certain pests. All this will result in bigger blooms and better tasting fruits and vegetables.

Earth Loves Worms!

Worms have long been known to provide the soil with essential enzymes and nutrients. They consume decaying organic matter which is then converted as the worm digests the material. Their byproduct is known as castings aka Worm Doo! By adding composting worms in a 2′ x 2′ bin the average family could potentially divert nearly 700 lbs of organic waste from the landfills each year!

Black Gold!

The worms consume and digest the food resulting in what many organic gardeners refer to as “Black Gold”. The final phase of the composting results in a rich, dark, earth-smelling soil conditioner known as castings or worm dirt. This dirt is dominated by soil microorganisms as well as other essential minerals and enzymes only found in worm castings!

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