The Story!

MichelleMy name is Michelle and while I am not exactly a tree hugger I do love to recycle! I first learned about the importance of recycling when taking an environmental science course several years ago and since that time have consistently maintained the philosophy that waste is simply misplaced resources.

I had read an article on vermicomposting and thought, wow what a cool way to divert waste from landfills! So without much knowledge I dived in. Let me tell ya, my family was less than thrilled when they learned I was going to be keeping worms in the living room without first consulting them! Of course I had the standard trials and tribulations but eventually I had gotten quite a knack for keeping a worm bin and wound up with a lot of the worm by-product aka manure or as I call it Worm Doo! Now what? I was successful with keeping worms but what on earth am I going to do with this stuff?!

The Story Time!!

As I pointed out I love to recycle but the REAL oxymoron of my vermicomposting adventure was – I could not grow jack crap! Everyone else in my immediate family had four green fingers and two green thumbs. Me – the Midas touch of death! Yup, four black fingers and two VERY brown thumbs here. I defiantly did not get the green growing gene at birth! Every attempt at gardening always wound up in failure. Eventually I became disenchanted and quit trying besides why go through all that trouble – the grocery store is just up the road .

Now, back to the worm byproduct…what was I going to do with it. I soon had quite a pile of it and while I knew you could use it in gardening I defiantly was not going there, too much effort for disastrous results. I DID spread some out on the lawn and was soon fussed at by my son for making the lawn grow too fast – he hates mowing! haha!

So, what to do with the pile of worm…poo? Think Michelle think. I know! I’ll give it away! I did have a few co-workers who were gardeners. So I loaded a couple gallon sized Ziploc bags and tossed them in my backpack. Off to work I went! Yeah it was a bit weird walking into work towing two gallons of manure but hey, you just gotta know me lol.

At an opportune time I approached my coworkers and said, “you should try this stuff in your soil, it’s supposed to do wonders for anything that has roots.” They looked at the bag…then looked at me…then looked at the bag…then back at me as though I was crazy. Since I have a history of being a bit of a jokester they just laughed, “seriously Michelle, worm poop?! Looks like coffee grounds to me! Thanks but no thanks!” Deflated I could not even GIVE it away, I put in in my desk drawer determined to try again.

Worm poo soon became this bizarre office discussion – I know shocking huh…

  • Was that bag REALLY worm manure? It defiantly did not smell like any manure they’ve crossed. In fact – it didn’t smell at all! Worm Doo has no odor and smells like fresh soil.
  • Do those tiny worms really go THAT often? Under optimal conditions they can eat up to 1.5 times their weight in waste a day! For one lowly red worm that doesn’t sound like much but a pound of them well that’s a lot of waste not being sent to a landfill!

I found myself educating co-workers on vermicomposting. It peaked their interest but one question remained. If it was such great stuff why wasn’t “I” using it. After explaining my life misadventures in gardening I eventually convinced a few to try it. Within a WEEK they reported back with these crazy amazing results and asked for more! One coworker said you know, you really should be selling this stuff because it is way better than anything you can buy!

After that report I became obsessed with learning everything there was about vermicomposting. With each course I signed up for my fascination grew on how red worms took our food, paper and manure waste then processed it into a rich, earthy, all natural soil amendment chock full of living breathing microbes ready to re-mediate soil. Couple this vermicomposting knowledge with societies urge to live better through healthier eating and we knew we were onto something. That folks, is the story on how Smoky Mtn Worm Doo evolved into a tiny grassroots micro-biz!

We live in a webbed society of cause and effect. Smoky Mtn Worm Doo knows its cause will create a positive effect. The flow is so natural, turn organic waste into a useful byproduct. That byproduct can re-mediate soil by adding new life to it. Adding new life to soil invigorates it and provides the essentials that plants and vegetables require to be healthy and flourish. The cycle is then restarted when consumers then eat the healthier food and produce new waste. What is so awesome about this is it’s done in a completely all natural and sustainable manner. Essentially you are feeding the soil that feeds the food that feeds YOU!

Despite my historical gardening misgivings I prodded myself to give another go at garden again. This time I purposely set myself up for failure and used the crappiest topsoil I could find for my raised bed to see how using the ‘Doo’ would work for a flunky gardener like me. I have defiantly made some mistakes along the way but overall,  the results have been phenomenal! It really is quite rewarding to be successful at grow your own healthy food. It’s important to point out that using Worm Doo isn’t “set it and forget it” since all life needs some level of attention but the beneficial bacteria, fungi and other necessary nutrients it provides makes it pretty darn close to gardening for dummies!

I grew up in Maine and some of my fondest memories involved trekking through the forest with my dad in search of edible mushrooms and the local seasonal delicacy of fiddle heads. I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for many years and relocated to East Tennessee in 2006. This is more than a small step into a new realm of business, we want to encourage a paradigm shift of healthier living and do our small part in reducing the carbon footprint.

Thanks for stopping by!