Worm Castings? What’s that?

Worm castings (worm doo) are the by product of earthworms full of natural goodness that can bring new life to your overworked soil. Castings have up to 10 times more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium than just regular topsoil. They also contain trace elements, many micro-nutrients along with beneficial micro-organisms that promote healthier plant growth. Castings will not burn your plants like many chemical fertilizers do. Other added benefits are they help retain the moisture as well as add a diverse beneficial microbial population that adds new life to your soil. Adding vermicastings as a regular soil amendment will continuously feed soils that been depleted. Using worm castings – you are not only promoting healthier organic gardening you are doing your small part in helping to improve the environment. So go “au natural” and never have the need to use chemical fertilizer again!

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