Shipping Info

In order to best serve our customers we DO have some minor requirements that you should know about before ordering. Certain parts of the U.S. can get incredibly hot or cold depending on the time of year. Though worms are incredibly resilient creatures, as with all living things there is a limit as to what they can tolerate. Worms consist mostly of water, and will lose some water weight during transit. Every effort is made to keep the worms moist during their journey and are shipped in breathable bags which will naturally allow for evaporation. Be assured you are still receiving the same number of worms! Once they are place into a moist worm home they should gain most of that weight back fairly quickly.

Therefore in order to be able to provide a live worm guarantee, you need to do one of the following:  A) Be at home to sign for the package  OR   B) Allow us to instruct the postal service to hold the package for pickup. This is to ensure they are not left out in the heat or cold.

If there are ANY problems with the worms when you receive them, these need to be reported immediately

This helps us determine what might have happened from the time we sent them to the time you received them. We request that you provide a detailed description with the appearance of box and worms, odors/ smells etc.. documented with photos if at all possible. An example is provided below:

Please DO NOT assume your worms are dead if they don’t seem lively.

After being shipped they will defiantly need a period of recovery – after a few days in a calm and moist bin they will rebound from their shipping adventure. If you are worried about them please email us to let us know.

Assuming you have not reported issues initially upon receiving your worms, we cannot grant refunds or do re-ships. Also batches of worms that die off within the first few days/weeks of being in your care cannot be refunded either since any number of things can happen such as improper bin set up, poor location and the like.