Two Worm Bucket – How long will it take?

Two Worm Bucket – How long will it take?

Most red worm composting aficionados are quite familiar with the site. Back in January Bentley started the Tiny Tub Two Worm Challenge and at the time I had a lot going on and couldn’t jump in on the fun. Inspired by his experiment I decided to try a little twist to it. Instead of a small container I am using a 5 gallon pail, a small reusable shopping bag and a two juvenile African Nightcrawlers with an under developed clitellum. The goal is still the same as Bentley’s, to see how long it will take the population to increase beyond two worms.

How I began my experiment

(I am SO not a photographer)

 First off, I took my reusable shopping bag and let it soak for 30 minutes in some rainwater to remove any lingering residues.


While that was soaking – I prepared my bedding which was just a couple handfuls of pre-soaked shredded cardboard. Then I added a tablespoon of pulverized eggshell (I probably went a bit overboard with the eggshell! I think a teaspoon would have been more than sufficient. On the positive side it will help keep the cardboard aerated.


After pre-soaking the shopping bag I squeezed out the excess water and put it in the the five gallon bucket like so…


I then used a bungy cord and connected to the handles of the shopping bag. The red one you see in the original picture was entirely too big and the one I am currently using is a bit too small – A flat bungy would be better but I used what I had on hand.


Next I added the bedding….


Then two little African Nightcrawlers were introduced to their new home…hopefully they won’t be lonely for long if’n you know what I mean…

♫ ♫ bow chicka wow wow!! ♫ ♫

 CameraZOOM-20150410120204190 CameraZOOM-20150410112214938



So the theory with the shopping bag is it will allow for aeration and moisture control. It starts out with a smaller area more suitable for a couple of worms and hopefully as the population increases the weight will stretch the bungy and allow for increased volume to add more bedding materials, food etc. It also has the added benefit of being easy to remove and not as messy when I come back to check on progress. Wish me luck!

CameraZOOM-20150410122845840Michelle aka VermiDooGal :)