What?! Poking fun at the Farmers Market non-food vendors?

What?! Poking fun at the Farmers Market non-food vendors?

A small clip of a reporter poking fun that the fact there are more non-farmers than farmers at the Market…it did end with me and and the Doo…yet another non-food product at the market so I was a tad factious 😉

The fabulous healthy plants in the picture are from Dixie Lee Greenhouse

Click below to watch the clip…

Poking fun at non-farmers?!

On a serious note the farmers market is indeed responsible for providing fresh and nutritious food to our tables at reasonable prices. The most important criteria to be considered to participate the farmers market is that all goods are produced locally and vendors sell their own products. While the roots of a market may have begun with food the modern day market has evolved to so much more. It is not just about sourcing healthy food products, it’s about supporting your local economy whether it be a farmer, artisan, educator or food preparation. It is a place where you can easily get intimate knowledge of the products you purchase which is something you cannot get at a big box store. Bottom line when you buy local you are not only supporting local farmers but bolstering the local economy.

What are your thoughts?

The Market Square Farmers Market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from May to late November. Check it out there is something for everyone :)