Why Use Organic Soil Amendments ?

Why Use Organic Soil Amendments ?

Organic Soil Amendments are an excellent way to keep your garden flourishing – naturally! First lets look at the differences between conventional and organic methods of agriculture.

Conventional agriculture uses synthetic fertilizer, biocides (a chemical that destroys organisms), and mechanical tillage (plowing or sowing) which is harmful to the environment and genetically modified organism seeds. There is a huge down side to using synthetics. The excess fertilizer from conventional agriculture leads to dead zones, which are low oxygen areas which in turn makes it difficult for beneficial organisms to thrive. It has also been connected to soil to wear down, greenhouse gas emission (release of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone), and loss of biodiversity all of which contribute to making us sicker – who knowingly, wants a big ol spoonful of pesticide cooked with their greens…that’s just yuck!

Organic is a form of agriculture that defines a way of growing, processing, and handling food. It promotes an all natural state of growing from the soil to the plant and sustaining that growth through fertilizing in ways nature intended. Organic does not allow the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Growing organically promotes biodiversity which is defined as; the diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment. The goals of organic gardening/farming includes maintaining diverse crops, keeping soil healthy, reducing pollution, avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture, and promoting environmental friendliness. Growing organic can produce up to two or three times as much food as conventional farming. Research has found that using existing quantities of organic fertilizers can help produce more.

It amazes me that despite modern technology we as a population are sicker today than our grandparents generation ever was . The sad reality is most do not understand just how unhealthy conventional agriculture is. Perhaps our grandparents generation was healthier because they were not as fast paced as today’s modern society is. They weren’t afraid to get their hands a dirty and kept gardening simpler by following the good ol farmers almanac and organic methods that were past on down to them from their parents.

Unfortunately we are all part of the fast forward pace in one way or another but there is hope! It is never too late to make a healthier choice of eating. You can begin by slowing down and starting your own garden. Ensure that your food is indeed pesticide and Genetically Modified Organism free by growing your own garden using worm doo produced through the methods of vermiculture. This living soil amendment will be the epitome of boosting your organic garden!

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