Worms in the garden

Worms in the garden

Worms in the garden is nothing to be alarmed over and is a real good sign that you have a healthy soil. The fact is the humble earthworm is responsible for a lot of the things that help improve the soil and assist with growing healthy plants. This in turn assists with providing health food and healthy flowers that make moms smile on Mothers Day!

They are considered to be “natures plows” lend a hand with increasing the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. They break down organic matter, such as leaves and grass into things that plants can use. When they eat, a magical transformation happens as the food is digested they leave behind castings known as worm doo that are a very valuable type of fertilizer.

Worms are like free farm help. They help till the soil pulling down organic matter from the top and integrating it with the soil below. Then add the benefit of their castings and amazing plant growth takes place. Just think, if  500,000 worms take up residence on a single acre of farm land they could potentially make 50 tons of castings! To provide a better mental image, that would be like lining up 100,000 one pound coffee cans filled with castings! Also these same worms burrowing and tunneling throughout this acre of soil can create a drainage system thats equal to 2,000 feet of 6-inch pipe. Pretty amazing for just a little ol’ humble earthworm worm!

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